What is it with the first rain of the season that makes the person go all philosophical? Like a preachy priest who starts delivering sermons the moment they see a person of their parish. I do not know! Honestly I think its the CHANGE which these rains herald. A change in the routine which is so dear to us and to break out of which we are terrified from within. The summers mean an incessant complaining of the sun beating down like an enemy sworn to induce lethargy, the swatting away of flies and the general fatigue which must be cured by the afternoon siesta.

The rains symbolize not only a change of season but an entire upheaval in general. The umbrella becomes an extension of your arm and to leave the house without it is in itself a sin which will be punished by being drenched unawares just when you felt it to be necessary to be looking presentable wherever it is that you have rushed to. Since it is a task in itself to look presentable as you can’t wear pastels, you can’t wear brights, you cant wear anything you like or anything nice.

The great fear of splattering your apparel with the unforgivable mud stains weighs on the mind more than the dread of fading with the background in the grays, browns and blacks which everyone chooses as safe. As if venturing out in the rain without protective gear is as dangerous as getting friendly with your Thai masseuse.

The only word that describes my relationship with the rains would be tumultuous. I have had to wade in knee deep water during the first week of my Oh-So-Formal M.B.A college by folding my trousers up to where it was possible on my chubby legs and I have sat in my balcony resting on a couch, sipping tea with pakoras while a gentle spray of the rain refreshed me.

   I do not know what the entire humanity thinks of rains but to me they signify life. A marvel in itself which tells us we are alive since we can feel the wet drops on our bare skin, breathe in the scent of the wet earth, see the entire world washed and clean – the trees greener, the clouds darker and the roads shinier. They signify the hope in the eyes of the Indian farmer whose neck has developed a sprain because of always looking upwards to the sky waiting for the Rain Gods to hear his prayers .A timely and adequate monsoon ensures a stable financial market(the M.B.A in me speaks).

Monsoons in itself is a way that Universe/God/Higher Power does have a regard for the human race and some love for our life. Its the way our mothers hug us when we are dripping wet just cause they were so worried at our safety. So this monsoon when the thunder rolls don’t curse the Lords and everyone’s mothers or sisters. Wait back and look out for the rainbow that appears out of nowhere to teach us that every storm in our lives will have a beautiful ending. We just need to wait for it!

2 thoughts on “Romanticising the Rains!

  1. Relief from the heat as the rain Gods answer our prayers in Pune… Neha let’s start a I-love-it-when-it-rains(-unless-I-am-wearing-something-good) club…

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  2. Being a summer girl, this article has made me look forward to accepting and enjoying Mumbai rains especially! Beautifully written Neha, its refreshing to read such creative thought works.


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