How many times have we passed by some graffiti on the city walls without even pausing to think whether it was supposed to be there or not? Whether its some political party’s slogan or a company’s smart way of advertising their contact details we don’t give a farthing.Is it legal? Who was responsible for putting it up there? And how many of us are guilty of ignoring that one scratch on our cars which wasn’t present yesterday when we parked it?


We all suffer this and gladly even more but what we do not realise is that this is a crime of a serious nature known as vandalism and is punishable by law.And if bearing all this in silence wasn’t enough we have the audacity to keep quiet when we witness such an act instead of catching the offenders red-handed.Our typical argument being its Not Us so why should we care?This irresponsible nature and “I – don’t – wanna – meddle – since – it – doesn’t – concern – me” attitude is now wound tightly into our actual fabric of existence and its now more of a nature than a choice.

And this is sad…I mean SAD!cause I wonder if all of us would just turn a little more responsible how much difference we’d make.If instead of catcalling at the girl who just passed by at 11 A.M if those boys would walk up to her and ask if she needs any assistance in reaching home.If when we saw the Uncle spit pan at the railway station instead of changing our path we approach him and reprimand him(For all the noobs out there Spitting has been declared as a crime in Mumbai and many other cities.)That packet of crisps you consumed well you certainly can hold it in your hand till you get a garbage can.And Raju or Bunty or Suresh or whatever your name is I just want to tell you that the lovely monument you saw is not the right place to declare undying love for Pinky or Babli or Teena or whoever it is you love!


And I am not asking everyone to go out of their way to do something rather these things are what everyone should already be doing but they just don’t. Since our childhood we are taught about herd mentality and then we just follow the precedents already set.Instead can’t we question ourselves and form an opinion on our own.We feel safe in doing things that make us part of the crowd and then aspire to rise above all.I think even a fool can see this is the contradiction of the worst sort!If they don’t I wont.Why wont you I ask?


If the society practices have always been to just think of what concerns them then its an even more greater responsibility on you to change it instead of just being socially irresponsible all the way to your grave!

P.S: If even one of you readers becomes a little more socially responsible after this I will feel like I am pioneering a movement and will be glad to.(This is why I have been always described as grandiose/unrealistically romantic but I like being a Drama queen)

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