I just read a while back that 80% of the world’s money exists only on paper and only 20% in the real world. Oh My God!!!For a thing that is 4/5th virtual money sure does have a very commandeering presence. As said in a musical decades ago Money makes the World Go Round. Literally. It. Does. Make. The. World. Go. Round. A person with the apt resources can just spin the globe and plan a luxurious fortnight long stay at the first place his or her finger lands on. Whereas us lesser mortals need to save and scrimp and scrounge and visit a dozen discount websites to plan a 5 day budget trip to the neighbouring state.

If you are wondering why suddenly such mercenary thoughts are creeping in my head its not cause I have turned into a greedy Shylock I assure you. The past few days I had a break in between exams and since the travel bug has bitten me really hard this time I was just browsing online and I shudder till now thinking of how expensive traveling is.

I mean I get backpacking and all that but even that requires some investment and suddenly it has started to amaze me that how to see something that’s been created by nature and available to us for free we pay so much? What an antithesis the entire Travel and Tourism industry is!!!

So the question would then arise that why do I wanna travel??? But that is exactly the worst one to ask. Why not would be a way better one. I mean when we are running behind Mac Pro’s and Note 5 and what not justifying it as an investment then why don’t we think the same about travelling?Travelling in India has always been a highly underrated and misunderstood concept especially in the Middle class urbane population.

For the life of me I cant explain to my parents why spending 2.5 lakhs of my hard earned savings for a Europe trip is a much better option than buying gold. I mean seriously? Gold!!! Neither do they think of it as an extended form of education cause they feel how would travel educate you. Personally I feel independence, planning, tackling panic situations, adapting to strange scenarios and umpteen other things can be learnt only by travelling.

So on my 25th birthday this year I have promised myself that before I am hooked, booked and cooked I am gonna take 3 different trips. One that would be a completely quintessential chill weekend getaway with friends, one that would test my limits and bring the adventurous streak out in me and one that would help me absorb the beauty and intricacies of a completely foreign culture. I don’t care how and when but Goa, Ladakh and Europe here I come!!!

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