I just read a post on Instagram which spoke about how even for the Disney princesses it was all about blood, sweat and tears because love means facing your biggest fears. As a 25 year old Indian girl I am currently surrounded by friends at various stages of culminating their relations into eternity.

My support pillar’s just got her Roka done. My resonating wavelength is a couple of months away from marriage. My funnybones is in the middle of taking a decision about commitment. My eternal talking buddy is just thinking of taking the next big step in her relation cause PARENTS. And this is just my inner circle cause I went a couple of nights ago to meet the fiances’ of two of my graduation friends.

Amidst all this is me who is as single as the lone leaf from O.Henry’s ‘The Last Leaf’ and constantly bombarded with the question why. In a society as ours is today I usually keep quiet and give a coy smile which makes people think there might be someone in the secret and they leave me alone but I really want to ask all these people why not?

Fine I am overweight and definitely not the conventional good looking Indian girl but I am as career oriented as all of these, a bibliophile who can shimmy down to Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Tara as easily as I can sway to How Deep Is Your Love. I can make a mean Gajar ka Halwa and talk about last night’s football match and about the trends of Lakme Fashion Week in the same breath. And I am SINGLE! Does this mean I lack something? But the fact that no male chromosome carrier has been interested in me has me labelled as a defective piece. Someone who ain’t enough! What is enough?

I don’t deny that I would love to have someone whose there for me. Somebody with whom I can be myself and say exactly what is on my mind. Somebody with whom I could let my hair down and party and be comfortable while we laze around eating breakfast at 1 P.M still in our PJs. But if there isn’t someone on the horizon right now what do I do? I know interesting men and there have been one or two who are charming, intelligent and stimulate me enough sapiosexually that I’d love to have a thing going with them but if it hasn’t worked out yet I don’t think it means it is never going to work out.

So its a message to all you single girls in their mid-20s who are surrounded by marriages and the rigmarole that it is OKAY to be single. It is OKAY to not have found the love of your life if you are busy hustling hard for your career. It is OKAY if your boyfriend of several years broke up cause he wasn’t ready for a commitment and now you just want to spend some time exploring yourself. It is OKAY if you love someone and he doesn’t so you are waiting for him to feel the same for you cause you feel he is ‘The One’. There is nothing wrong with you. You are enough! Don’t let anyone dim your sparkle.

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