In almost a dozen languages spanning several continents with completely varied cultures the word NO is a constant (you can check it up!). But I have always been criticised for being a little daft when it comes to being well versed in the not-so-subtle art of saying No. It is not because I am not a linguist cause I can manage four of them. Still, if anyone I even remotely care about asks me for a favour, to be in on a plan or something that is even of a more significant magnitude my answer is an unwavering Yes. Due to this I have been called impressionable, gullible or someone with no particular opinion but I have usually not paid heed to this.

Having faced a lot of No’s and rejections in the recent past and this not only from the auto waalas outside Andheri station but people that I care about and who are aware that I’d agree to what they want in less than a heartbeat I gave this a thought. The grounds of rejection on the face of it have been very grave indeed ranging from mood to a remark I passed eons ago to other people who claim precedence over what I need to even sleep. Yes! I know it makes me sound like a highly uninteresting person to be rejected over sleep but I have been assured that is not the case.

Then why is it that I ain’t like this? It is not that I do not know that in saying Yes at times I’m even causing harm to come my way and I am fully aware of all the repercussions yet choose to give them whatever it is that they ask of me. Someone who knows me really well recently said that “Frankly speaking, I don’t think its much of a problem cause to the people whom you want to say No to; you do.”

And that statement I believe sums me up perfectly and the speaker got me bang on. Since when I say that someone is My Person I mean it and that makes them a priority for me. So however tough it might be to decline I decide to agree to what they say if I feel my refusal will pain them in any manner cause they are my priority ; my emergency case; my top rated concern. For every one person who I haven’t said No to ever, are a dozen who have never seen me agree to what they have to say and clearly put forth my arguments in favour of the disagreement.

Does this make me a walk over or a person taken for granted? Nay Sir it absolutely doesn’t! It sure does mean that am slightly less practical and ‘All Heart; No Brain’ than others when it comes to those whom I love but All is fair in Love and War, eh? And this is Love for chrissake and we could use more of it in this unadulterated form in a world as fickle as the one we live in. So the next time when you need to tell someone you care about ‘I’m sorry I can’t!’ or ‘I am sorry, I don’t have the time!’ well do make it up to them but remember there are only so many times a person may understand and just as many times that making up to them will work. And whenever it is imperative that you say No, start jiving to ‘No by Meghan Trainor’ BUT only if you are as bad as me when it comes to singing and dancing cause then peeps, themselves on their better judgement will decide against you which would take away the burden of refusal from your shoulders.

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