Most of my friends are completing or on the anvil of completing a quarter of their life. Two decades ago reciting our A-Z we thought that by this time we’d be clear headed adults with our lives sorted. Cut to the present scenario I think most of us are more confused in life than we were then. And the remarkable thing is that now our choices are irrevocable and have a much more lasting effect on our existence. Living this perplexed life with too much of free time I discovered that we still need to recite the same A-Z, albeit to a different tune.

A for A**holes : They exist and you can’t avoid them so just bear with them buddy.

B for Breaking Bad : The occasional puff isn’t so occasional any more and the pints have become one too many. But till you feel you can handle it Screw those judgements.

C for Caring :  All the games of the adult world that we play tell us to hide our care of a fellow being since it leaves you vulnerable. Don’t! If someone matters to you in any way let them know.

D for Debts : There are bills to be paid and parties to attend and an image to maintain. But do not go gentle into the good night with debts. You will regret it some day.

E for Emotions : They are real and they hurt. But that does not mean that one gives up on them since you will always find those to whom your emotions matter equally and these people are Keepers. Hold onto them!

F for F**k ‘Em : Those aunties that comment on your marriage and those uncles with extra friendly advice about your careers. They haven’t walked in your shoes so their opinions do not matter.

G for Games : Quit them. They aren’t gonna get you a long lasting bond with that one person you really love. So own up your feelings

H for Honesty : I do not ask you to turn into Harish Chandra since the complications of human world need white lies to make it sustain but in all those relations that you feel are going to be a part of your future be it your best friend or a colleague Avoid them Lies.

I for Instant : In a world of 2 min noodles and Speed dating we’ve literally forgotten to take a step back and pause to look around. There is so much we miss in our decision to keep going through life with an ever increasing pace.

J for Jobs : Love them or Hate them you cannot deny that they are the ones that keep the fires burning and pay the bills. So do them to the fullest of your ability but don’t make them a sore thorn of your already complicated life.

K for Kindness : It doesn’t hurt to be kind in life. Not the donate a few grands to charity Kind but the make coffee for Mom after coming from work since she has had a bad day or cover up for a colleague since they are going through a rough patch kinda Kind.

L for Laugh : Yes! How many times do we actually Laugh when we text lol to someone? Zilch! Change that since all those old people well they were right about Laughter being the Best medicine.

M for Marriage : It will happen when its meant to be. Don’t stress about it or get into something that is a well adjusted compromise even if ALL your friends are married cause trust me the tag isn’t worth your life.

N for Novelty : In our search for Novelty we have let go of the warmth that Old Friends, Old Music and Old Books bring to our lives.

O for Optimism : I do not know if the glass is half full or half empty but if it has something in it and you are thirsty well drink up. It might be the famous Chenin Blanc and trust me you’ll love it, if it is.

P for Parents : They are the only ones to have stood by you through all the crests and troughs of your quarter life and now if all they demand is your time and a patient ear to listen to them well I think they deserve it and more.

Q for Queer : Everyone has their own peculiarities so Accept them and Don’t judge them.

R for Responsibilities : Stop running away from these cause you cannot outrun them even if you have been trained under Usain Bolt.

S for Shit Does Hit The Roof : Yes Shit does hit the roof and you have only two options – Clean Up or Panic and then Clean Up. If you have to clean up anyway then just skip and fast forward the Panic part.

T for Time : Time or the lack of it is an excuse we never tire of giving but what we fail to realise is that it is the most precious gift we can ever bestow on anyone.

U for Unknown : I know there is a Big Black Hole in the future but thinking about it will not suddenly get you the vision to see what lies beyond it so give up on the fear of the unknown.

V for Vendetta : grow Up and let go of all those stupid grudges else someday you’ll end up with so many issues that people might as well call you a subscription.

W for Work Work Work : Quoting Rihanna won’t help me I know but listening to her while I go about those mindless chores sure does. There are 219119 things to be crossed of your list but cribbing about them won’t get them done.

X for that XYZ over achiever : Every time I log onto FB I feel all my failures glaring at me in the form of those impossible feats achieved by them successful classmates I have encountered. Comparison is a guilty pleasure that we all indulge in (at least I do) but what we fail to recall is that we all are writing our own stories.

Y for You : It’s just Me, Myself and I is a chart buster for a reason. In all the running around don’t ignore the Super Hero of your life i.e You Yourself. Read that book you wanted to, see that movie of your favourite actor, get that spa done and go to that fine dine restaurant you have been wanting to try since forever.

Z for Zero Down : With all the beautiful distractions around you might lose sight of your ultimate aim or ignore that text of an old friend one more time but in the end its all about priorities and you got to zero down on those that matter.

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