Millennials are famous for putting everything on Social Media right from their happening parties to their thriving love lives. But a broken heart and suddenly the Whatsapp DP is a sad quote and the Facebook status Single. What exactly is everyone expecting out of these relations is beyond me which can be broken by a series of clicks on the phone that involve blocking the person on Whatsapp and Voila! we are single again.

In this really fast paced world we are always pressurized to be better than Sharma Ji’s beta or Kapoor Ji’s beti. And somehow even our Love lives have been embroiled in this Rat Race. Sitting in the cab while hopping between two business appointments we swipe right or left on all these Dating Apps by cursory glancing through the profile as if it is a job interview for which we are perusing resumes.

We want the Violins and the Pianos and the entire bloody orchestra to play inside our heads when we see that person who is our special someone and not for a moment anything less will do. Cause it has to be the best or it just doesn’t have to be since there are always several options. When our House owner is throwing tantrums we change our residences, when our Bosses be screwing us around we change jobs so it is more than fitting that if someone is a little outside our bracketed set of expectations we don’t give them a chance even!

Since like the food that we eat which must be Instagram worthy or we didn’t have it at all even our partners must be Greek Gods and Goddesses who are over achievers so we hit at least 500 Likes when we post a picture captioned Bae! I am not being preachy but can we please not make Love also a part of our Profiles and Bio datas and make it perfect cause it isn’t. It is mad and messy and requires you to work for it and not give up.

I am single and there will be many who feel this is the cause of some unrequited love sneaking around in my life but this isn’t about me! It’s about how we as an entire generation have forgotten the importance of giving in time and efforts to a relation. There will be a few who know that since I am not that good looking this is the result of getting my heart broken by some Handsome Hunk but that is not the topic on the table. It is about how we have become such shallow people that everything related to us must look perfect in its appearances or we won’t even consider it.

That guy who makes puppy dog eyes at you every time you pass by his desk but you don’t even look at him cause maybe he is earning less than you might have the just the same amount of adventure in his soul you want but you will never now unless you give him a chance! That girl whose been there for you through all thick and thin but when you look at her she is more Betty than Veronica so you have decided to not give her a chance though she might be the Anchor you are looking for!

Does this mean that you start dating the first person who shows that he or she is mildly interested in you? Nay!Absolutely NOT. But just question yourself my friend that whether in waiting for the orchestra to play, have you missed to hear the gentle strums of the guitar.

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