I haven’t written a blog in the past few months and not cause there was any dearth of topics or I didn’t have time. In fact a couple of my friends have been really pushing me into penning down something but I just didn’t do any writing that was even worth the paper it was written on. Cause that is how 2016 has been. Some really brilliant flashes of inspiration with the routine drudgery wedged in! So instead of hunting for a topic within the dusty cobwebs of my mind I just thought of listing down the lessons that 2016 taught me and 16 of them cause I suffer from arithmophilia.

  1. Fight back and you will be noticed : Multiple stances in politics in India.
  2. Communication Boundaries Exist and with Horrendous outcomes : Harambe got shot.
  3. Mass Hypnosis is the Real deal : Trump.
  4. Human Cruelty has no boundaries : Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan ,Pathankot, USA, France and all those places who faced some or the other form of terrorism.
  5. Decade old rules can change overnight and all it takes is a Mitron : Demonetisation (counting coins to spend at the NYE bash tonight).
  6. There is no love greater than a Mother’s Love : Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds (still sobbing).
  7. Never lose hope even though every Scientist asks you to : Pandas are not endangered species any more!!!(removes her pom – poms and starts bouncing)
  8. No one is Safe : Kim Kardashian got robbed!
  9. Recognition might come late but it will nevertheless : Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the Oscar! (Yours truly sat in Goa post a long night to witness this dream come true.)
  10. Talent exists without boundaries : Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  11. There are still some good People in Politics : Justin Trudeau personally greeted Syrian refugees providing them the warmest welcome possible.
  12. Even them Good Ones, they Gotta Go : Alan Rickman, George Michael, David Bowie, Harper lee, Umberto Eco, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Zohra Saigal, Suchitra Sen and the list just goes on!
  13. Dreams so Come True : Along with 80k indians my bestie and I saw Chris Martin sing Vande Mataram LIVE along with all our favourite Coldplay tracks for free!
  14. Forever is just till someone says Not Now ; Not Ever : Brangelina, Calvin – Taylor, Bella – The Weeknd and closer home Ranbir – Katrina, Farhan – Adhuna and the list just goes on.(There is an online website that list 227 Celeb break ups in 2016!for once singledom seems bearable .)
  15. The Glass Ceiling is a Myth : PV Sindhu, Dipa Karmakar, Sakshi Malik, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Hillary Clinton to name a few!


   16. Online Delivery Schedules are a Farce : Moi who is the Queen of Gifting will be arriving at a Birthday party sans one and you have online shopping to blame for it!

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