If you think my post has something to do with the Women’s March in USA where an orangehead passed a legislation wherein women can’t decide what they must do with their reproductive systems you are wrong. And if you think this is to do with a certain MP passing sexist comments about our Desh Ki Beti you are still wrong. It isn’t as if these and the million injustices meted out to women are not a cause of concern for me cause trust me they are.

But I do not consider myself influential enough that my opinion on these issues would actually bring about a difference. I am just a fading voice in the echo of millions with no standing whatsoever. I am here to highlight a different kind of pain faced by every woman. The pain of those routine Salon visits.

Oh My God!!! I know half of you are going ape-shit thinking she just said Salon on a public platform???How could she??? Well Girls cause I pretty much assume and know for a fact that all those men you hangout with are aware that you aren’t an exception to Class Mammalia and thus know that you were born with Body Hair!

Yes! He knows it and it is okay. In a world where Veet is promoted on National Television in prime time commercials; trust me he knows. He knows you were not born with the smooth as butter skin and he knows that the fine arch of those eyebrows has been painstakingly achieved. What I do not get is that every month when am getting myself pulled at, tweezed, threaded and literally semi – burnt while paying for it is the condescending attitude my salon attendant assumes.

She will go on to list several services that I know for a fact cost a bomb and convince my insecure self that I need them to just look like the girl next door. Thankfully the peanuts I earn put a stop from me giving in to her whims and fancies but do they stop me from reducing my self – worth a couple notches??? As much as I hope the answer to this was a blatant No, sadly I can’t help but agree with her assessment.

Due to this I am now afraid of every such visit cause apart from being in pain physically which I have now gotten used to ; it is tougher to combat the blow I get mentally. And this is a question to all those people who preach body positivity and acceptance! I challenge you to sit down surrounded by mirrors and bright lights where every spot, mark, wrinkle and pimple is clearly visible and to not agree with that woman’s opinion about you. How does one argue about Beauty with someone whose job is to Beautify? Someone who is in fact the expert on the matter!

Does this mean I will stop these visits? Nah! But I vow to not give into her ‘kind suggestions’ not cause I am confident about the way I look (No! Absolutely Not! Zero! Zilch! Nada!) but cause there is only so much pain I can take – mentally and physically and because I want to be the person who dictates what happens to my body since its my fundamental right as it is mine and just mine to take care of!!

So this is a shout – out to all the Beautiful Girls!!! Beauty does come in all shapes, sizes and colours and if we let our physical attributes outshine the brilliance of our dazzling smiles , crazy jokes , sharp minds and beautiful thoughts we are all losing a battle to the Community of Salon Women whose sole purpose is to increase their revenue by making us feel that we absolutely require 901023 services to look good and not just the ones we choose to opt for!

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