Apparently millennials are the most connected individuals in terms of the plethora of options available to them for communication! And on the surface of it you can see that it is accurate factually ! You can text or IM or FB message or Insta DM or call or Whatsapp or E-mail or Hike or choose any of the other several options available to you!

But is it really true? I beg to differ! Cause all of these communication channels in fact cause more anxiety! Someone claims they don’t like talking on the phone and that is why they never call you yet their phone is always Busy when you call them! You text them and you get Read Receipts (those God awful Blue ticks that you receive when erroneously they open your messages with absolutely no intention to reply)! But even after a spate of texts that would be significant enough to not ignore you just receive a measly emoticon!

You can see them online on Facebook but they don’t seem to like your comments! What does all of this mean? It means that you now have various ways of knowing that someone really doesn’t want to be in touch with you which is a more depressing thought than a High tea without sandwiches and samosas.

In simpler times, you wrote a letter and if someone didn’t reply you assumed that your letter got lost or their reply was misplaced by the Postal Department! You called on the landline and if they didn’t come to the phone there was a genuine reason behind it! Even if they got someone to cover for their lie there was no way you could know the truth.

Yes they were uncertain times and emergencies were real emergencies cause you had no way of reaching people instantly but you also didn’t have to face the harsh reality of Rejection unless said out loud! I am sure people will argue that this is better since it keeps things honest and straight forward from the beginning but what if this crept in ages after a rock solid bond is formed and habits of communication have not changed in ages.

Are you supposed to read into these signs? Or are you to assume that their schedules are so over booked that they couldn’t respond to you in time and it is not due to the simple fact that may be they just didn’t want to! Maybe it is circumstantial or may be it is their way of gently letting you down! Do you quietly get the hint and fall back! Or do you be the patient anchor you promised them to be and wait on that one elusive call which may or may never come! Cause no one wants to sound clingy or desperate! Even the number of dots that follow the ‘Hey’ need to be apprised and calculated so that you don’t sound like the person who is more involved!

What if you are one of those people who believes in the principle of Fierce Love! The fools that are All In and have invested every drop of faith , love , respect, care and trust in the relation! Who will never give up on any equation that has someone you Love on the other end of the Equals To sign and be the sea of understanding! Someone who is prepared to Wait! Wait! Wait! And Wait some more till the ones they love finally are able to find some free time and good reason for them! Is this patient vigil rewarded by honest care, trust and love ? Or are these all pointing to the obvious that this is The Beginning Of the End!

In retrospect though there is no right way forward! The entire scenario has become so fickle and ever changing that all one can do is live ensconced in a snug blanket of hope! That all that this relation signified is enough to warrant you an explanation (which may again be in the form of a call or a text or if you are fortunate enough a rendezvous) to know where you stand! Hope that even if something does go wrong in any relation then social media connectivity or rather the absence of it should not be the bearer of this news.

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