Speech is Silver but Silence is Golden. I am sure almost all of us heard this when we were still perched on the knee of our parents but what I know for a fact is that we never understood the gravity of it, till we grew up to be these totally misunderstood adults who are still finding their way about the winding paths of life.

As millennials, we experience some phenomena which are unique to our generation such as Ghosting , Inadequate Social Media Presence , FOMO , Moral policing and demands for personal space which even NASA would not be able to fulfil! Yet the worst problem that I think we are facing as a generation is Communication! Nay sir, I do not mean the lack of technology to communicate with but rather the will to! We are so self absorbed in our own lives that we forget to understand the importance of a dialogue in the sustenance of any relationship.

Many would argue that this is a problem as old as time and I surely agree. What is unique about this problem to our generation is the constant pressure to maintain a devil may care attitude and an appearance of The One Who Cares Less. This is something which fascinates me beyond measure as anyone who knows me knows, that when I commit to something or someone I am All In! If you matter to me then you as well as the plebeians around you will never ever doubt what I think about you and what you mean to me!

Another aspect that is a trademark move of most of the people I know is the lack of the ability or rather the will to talk about the elephant in the room! I mean of course if there was actually an elephant in the room that would be the sole topic of discussion but you get my drift! The incessant need to push anything that is slightly confrontational under the rug and a belief that if left undisturbed the issue would resolve itself is outright stupid!

I agree that a scratch even if left unheeded will recover and may not even leave a scar behind but a deeper wound will not disappear on its own and to think it will is simply outrageous! If not salved or bandaged it will fester and become incurable and lead to an infection that may ultimately lead to the amputation of the part on which the wound appeared.

Similarly no relation be it romantic or a beautiful friendship or even one between office acquaintances is ever without its set of crests and troughs. If you are one of the fortunate ones you might have a successful run of absolutely no unsavory incidents for a couple of years but somewhere down the line due to circumstances that are beyond the control of either parties it will happen that you will find yourself at opposite ends of the arena. At this point instead of letting go of something that was so significant one needs to muster up the courage and have what might turn out to be an unpleasant conversation but with great results.

If you are hesitating or contemplating to have this conversation then it just implies that maybe this relationship never held any value to you. Cause you need to fight for things that are worth it! And more than that if this hesitation is coming out of the space where you are still figuring things in your head you need to say that aloud too. Cause when they ask you the Big Question and if there is even a slight chance that you want this relation to be intact say it ! Just blurt it out! No need to be eloquent about it !

The one thing that no one ever realises is that staying Silent is even more hurtful than denying them the honest bitter truth about secretly carving an exit path! Cause silence talks way more than words ever can and usually spells the death knell of the relation and a quiet acceptance that the relationship does not even deserve a proper burial! This silence can pierce through and through just like the Night King did with Viserion and believe me when I say it is just as painful as the faithful Dragon’s death!

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